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What Apple's iPad event didn't give us

Apple announced a pair of new iPads, new iMacs and Mac Minis. But here's a quick look at what we didn't hear from Apple today.

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As expected, Apple announced an even thinner iPad Air 2 and an iPad Mini 3. Apple

Yes, Apple today announced new iPads , iMacs and Mac Minis , along with an iOS software update (8.1) and a release date and price (free) for Mac OS X Yosemite (today). For some, that's plenty. But for others, it's not enough. With that in mind, here's a look at what Apple didn't give us.

12.9-inch iPad Pro:
Rumor had it that Apple had a larger iPad in the works, but with demand so high for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Apple's suppliers just didn't have the bandwidth to produce that product. Who knows the real story, but we didn't get a jumbo iPad .

New MacBook Airs:
For those of you waiting for Apple to come out with a new MacBook Air with a Retina display (and a MacBook Air refresh in general), you're going to continue to wait for those products to materialize. The design of the MacBook Air line hasn't really changed in years and is due for an update.

Stephen Colbert said his bare wrist was waiting for an Apple Watch. Apple

New Apple TV:
We've been waiting for a new Apple TV for a while (it's been two years since the hardware was updated). It seems logical that Apple would add a gaming element to its list of features, but we'll have to wait to find out what Apple has in store for its $99 streaming box.

New iPods:
All the iPods are getting pretty long in the tooth. The iPod Nano seventh-gen and the fifth-gen iPod Touch were introduced in September of 2012 (The Touch got a price drop in June 2014). The fourth-gen Shuffle debuted in September of 2010 and the Classic (last upgraded from 120GB to 160GB in September of 2009) was officially dropped from the line last month. No word yet on when or if we'll see new iPods, but it's surprising Apple doesn't have anything new.

New networking devices:
It's been over a year since Apple's Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme updated (June 2013), and AirPort Express was last updated in June 2012. So, yes, it's time for some new hardware updates. Just not today.

Yosemite is officially available for free. Apple

More details on Apple Watch:
Except for announcing that WatchKit was going out to software developers in November, we didn't any more details about Apple Watch , including a release date (it's still an "early next year" release). We did learn that the Watch can apparently be used as a remote to advance slides in a presentation.

As always, if there are other products or features you're waiting for Apple to introduce or upgrade, you can mention them in the comments section below.

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