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Whaddyareckon?: Photo evidence

This week we asked about the best and worst photos you've taken, and got answers involving Beetlejuice, bums and amorous giraffes.

Head to any social occasion nowadays and you're pretty much guaranteed that at least one person will front up toting a digital camera.

Posing for snaps is no longer an activity reserved for holidaymakers, wedding guests and models -- if you're going out on a Saturday night, prepare to have your photo face on.

Snooty types lament the proliferation of indulgent self-portraits taken at arm's length by giggly teenagers. Most, however, welcome the cheaper cameras and image editing apps that allow anyone to dabble in photography. Either way, the sheer number of digicams floating around means one thing: millions of photos of drunk people turning up on Flickr and Facebook.

In this week's Whaddyareckon? we ask about the best and worst photos you've taken, and whether we can find them online.

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