Welcome to the Underexposed blog

Welcome to Underexposed, Stephen Shankland's blog on photography, science and open-source software.

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Stephen Shankland worked at CNET from 1998 to 2024 and wrote about processors, digital photography, AI, quantum computing, computer science, materials science, supercomputers, drones, browsers, 3D printing, USB, and new computing technology in general. He has a soft spot in his heart for standards groups and I/O interfaces. His first big scoop was about radioactive cat poop.
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Stephen Shankland

I've been blogging at CNET News.com for years, but now things are different. Today with this post, CNET launched my own blog.

It's called Underexposed, and it focuses on the three areas I cover for CNET News.com: digital photography, science and open-source software. I chose the name partly because all the good photography puns were taken, but also because I hope to shed light on other subjects as well.

Ultimately, I hope the blog will serve as a forum for discussion, too. CNET readers have their own worthy ideas and opinions.

I expect those will help guide what I spend my time investigating. For example, although photography has been around for generations, its digital overhaul is opening up many new possibilities. Tell me what you want to find out about: Geotagging? Sensor technology? Metadata? Online image editing? I'll also offer some hands-on opinions about some products--though not the formal, full-fledged reviews by my CNET coworkers.

Open-source software is another area of rapid change. The philosophy is increasingly well established among computing companies and their customers, but it's got its own challenges. Clashes with the established intellectual property regime are a hot topic today.

The third domain of this blog is science, an area I covered for five years before I came to CNET News.com in 1998. This time around I expect to throw a bit more technology coverage into the mix as well. I'm particularly interested in computer science.

So in short, welcome, and let me know what deserves exposure.