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Water just the way you like it

The Capresso H2O Pro Programmable Cordless Water Kettle with Temperature Control offers several programmable settings for ultimate control over hot water.

Water your way.

Water is a finicky thing: too cold and it's ice, too hot and it escapes as steam. When it comes to consuming hot water, a change of a few degrees can make all the difference in the world. Tea drinkers understand this when they choose what type of tea to brew; coffee drinkers understand this when faced with coffee that is not in their comfort zone. Nobody enjoys a beverage that is too hot or too cold, but it is rare that we have total control over it. Unless we make it ourselves.

The Capresso H2O Pro Programmable Cordless Water Kettle with Temperature Control not only offers precision heating of water, but programmable control over it too. Featuring eleven programmable temperature control settings from 110 degrees to 212 degrees, the kettle makes it easy to have your drink, your way. Additionally, with a variable keep-warm setting (from 110 degrees to 190 degrees) and a boiling duration control from 3 to 20 seconds, the kettle supplies much-appreciated customization.

With a 56-ounce capacity, the kettle is large enough to keep hot water at the ready as long as it is needed. Utilizing a swivel base, it is always handily within reach--a feature convenient for lefties and righties alike. Decked out in a stainless-steel housing and polished chrome finish, the kettle offers the convenience of the corner caffeine shop, but with all the control of having it made exactly the way you want it.