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Live: Microsoft has a new computer to show off at today's event

This event is focused on affordable tech for schools and students, but can it also make Apple and Google nervous? Who knew education tech could be so exciting?

Microsoft's education-focused event is being held Tuesday in New York at 9:30 a.m. ET (6:30 a.m. PT or 2.30 p.m. UK). We'll be carrying the livestream of the event at the top of this page and adding updates here with new products as they're announced.

The tech giant is expected to announce a new version of its Windows software designed to be much more secure and easier for schools to maintain, according to our sister site ZDNet. It's also expected to show off a new computer aimed at students and schools.

Microsoft hopes that by doing this, it can help to get a new toehold in schools, where its computers have been at times outshined by Apple's iPads and cheaper, stripped-down PCs called Chromebooks.

Check back here for all the details of Microsoft's announcements.

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