Watch AI edit my skate video

It's hard to know what to do with 360 footage, but maybe AI can fix that problem. I took the Insta360 One R to the skate park and let it edit my footage for me.

Nic Henry Senior Video Producer

It only takes a couple scrolls through my Instagram feed to find a bunch of people using Insta360 cameras to get some pretty mind-blowing shots. The company has designed accessories like the Invisible Selfie Stick to make it look like a drone is flying right in front of your face. The Bullet Time Handle puts you in a scene like that James McAvoy movie from a few years ago that probably not many people remember.

Yes, I got this shot with a selfie stick alone. But you'd only think I'm just holding my fist out there awkwardly. 

Nic Henry/CNET

Insta360 also claims to use artificial intelligence to help you find stuff to do with your 360 shots. This ranges from fun little camera tricks like making clones of yourself to tapping a few buttons and letting the app edit a sizzle reel for you. As someone who's spent the last couple years staring at warped, unstitched 360 footage, this piqued my interest.

Seeing future clones of yourself really makes you conscious of your form.

Nic Henry/CNET

I got my hands on an Insta360 One R and took it to my local skate park, which just opened back up after being closed for three months. I wanted to see if I could, first of all, still pull off any tricks, but also I wanted the AI to make an edit for me. Watch the full experiment in the video above!