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Watch a Nerf war from the perspective of a DJI Phantom 3 drone

CNET's Sean Hollister takes you to Sunnyvale, California, where a battle of toy blasters took place this past weekend.

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This past weekend, I took a drone to a Nerf war. No, I haven't invented a quadcopter capable of shooting foam darts. I just wanted to show CNET readers what it's like to play one of my favorite new sports. I also figured it'd be a great chance to try the new Facebook feature where you can livestream from a DJI Phantom drone.

Here's how it turned out. Pretty choppy, fairly low resolution...not great! But also not terrible for a livestream from the sky, and it turns out Facebook Live doesn't keep you from recording glorious 4K aerial footage directly to the drone's SD card at the same time you stream.

So, the CNET Video team argued, why not turn that high-def footage into a quick video to show you what Nerf wars are all about? Our video editor extraordinaire Jim Phelan cut it all together, and you can watch the result above.

I've been playing with Nerf since the first Bow 'n' Arrow in 1991, and I reviewed practically every modern toy blaster for Gizmodo late last year. I even snuck an article about modding Nerf guns into the latest issue of CNET Magazine, which you might want to check out (hint hint wink wink). So here's a question for you: would you like to see more toy blasters on CNET? I'm curious if you'd care.

In the meanwhile, want way more drone footage from that Nerf war, sans audio?