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Want Apple AirPods? Amazon has them with Prime shipping

The wireless earbuds are backordered for six weeks at the Apple Store. But you can get them right away through Amazon if you're willing to pay a premium.

You can get AirPods with Amazon Prime 2-day shipping if you pay a premium. 
James Martin/CNET

If you really want AirPods, you'll have to wait at least six weeks if you buy them directly from Apple.

But you're in luck: You can get the iPhone maker's wireless earbuds on Amazon with free two-day Prime shipping. The big catch? You'll have to pay a premium. The earbuds, being sold by vendors such as EZ Deals and Abe's Electronics Center, are going for about $215 to $217 (the price has been fluctuating slightly based on the seller). At Apple, they cost $160.

Apple apparently can't make AirPods fast enough. Since the earbuds became available in December, they've been backordered for about six weeks. However, that timeframe is a conservative estimate, and some people have reported getting them in three to four weeks.

Buy from the Amazon sellers at your own risk, though. There's no guarantee that what you're getting are real AirPods. Apple does sell AirPods through authorized third parties like Best Buy and the wireless carriers, but you can check here to see if the company you're buying them from is an official Apple reseller. 

You also you may not have the full year warranty that comes with AirPods if you're buying them from an Amazon reseller. When you buy items from Apple, the warranty travels with the hardware, but it also starts on the date someone buys it from Apple. So if the resellers bought the AirPods from Apple in January, for instance, you wouldn't get the full warranty. You can check the serial number on the AirPods and call Apple to find out when the warranty expires. 

The website BGR first noticed the deal