Article updated on May 15, 2024 at 11:07 AM PDT

Walkabout Mini Golf Review: Endless Social Mini Golf Magic

The best VR game is the one where you can meet up with your friends.

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9.0/ 10

Walkabout Mini Golf


  • Whimsical golf course designs
  • Extra challenges
  • Multiplayer chat is great
  • Really good mini golf physics


  • Lots of courses are DLC upsells (but worth it)
  • I wish these golf courses never ended

"Hey, how can we meet up and play in VR?"

I've asked my old college friends this question for years, and the answer is frequently, "Walkabout Mini Golf." And we're not the only ones. This is why it's become my favorite social VR game on Quest.

VR games can be intense sometimes, but not all of them. Walkabout beautifully simulates mini-golf physics and requires no more effort than some casual putting skills. Multiple friends can join -- up to eight at a time -- in private play sessions, which is more than enough for a bunch of us to play and chat.

A rainbow road leading to a glowing sphere building in a video game art world

Walkabout Mini Golf's Meow Wolf course is a wonderfully weird playground you can explore with friends. There are many more courses, too.

Mighty Coconut

Chatting is the other wonderful part of Walkabout, because conversations feel natural and casual via the in-headset voice chat. Playing through 18 holes is the perfect stretch of time for a VR session with friends, but if you want more, you can simply play again. I find myself wandering around and chatting just as much as I'm playing. 

Walkabout's courses are whimsical and increasingly elaborate and jaw-dropping, encouraging exploration. The courses are designed with the brilliance of Disney attractions, some bending the rules of physics completely. Want to putt in a Jules Verne novel, or Jim Henson's Labyrinth, or an amazing recreation of a Meow Wolf immersive attraction? All of that and more is possible. Courses cost $4 each, although the base game includes a handful of courses to start with. I've collected every course and can't wait for the new ones.


It can be relaxing just to drop into some courses and walk around, take in the view.

Mighty Coconut

The course art design is somewhat flat and cartoonish at times, but it's also amazingly immersive. Shadows, looming structures, echoing sound design: Walkabout becomes a way to explore, discover and play at the same time -- and also socialize. Courses have extra challenges, too. There are hidden golf balls to hunt for and, if you find enough, you unlock a harder course. In that course, there's another puzzle challenge to solve.

All the courses don't even need to be played: You could just wander through them, or fly by pointing your club in the air. Sometimes my friends just wander off into the sky in the middle of a hole and then come back. We're cool like that.

It feels like Walkabout's vision for social VR is slowly becoming more ambitious. It's more like a model for the metaverse than any other VR game I've played. It also runs on nearly every VR headset I can think of except Apple's Vision Pro; on the Quest 2 and Quest 3, it's perfection. Just get it. You'll never be disappointed.

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