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Waffle whims are a dial-turn away with the Breville Smart Waffle Maker

The Breville Smart Waffle Maker features preset functions for dialing up a variety of waffles. In addition to popular favorites, the waffle maker has a custom setting.

Batter up (and up and up) with the Breville Smart Waffle Maker.
Batter up (and up and up) with the Breville Smart Waffle Maker.

Waffles hold a certain appeal for some individuals. Chances are, just saying the word "waffles" brings a particular image to mind (and a rumble to the stomach). Be they Belgian waffles, with their deep pockets waiting to be filled with deliciousness, or chocolate waffles with their deliciousness woven right into the batter, waffles present a challenge in that there are so many possibilities, yet only one breakfast per day.

The Breville Smart Waffle Maker ($249.95) understands. The device makes it easy to cook a variety of different waffles with only a twist of the menu dial, the only drawback being that making waffles so easy to make makes it so hard to choose.

The waffle maker has four automatic waffle settings: Belgian, Classic, Chocolate, and Buttermilk. Additionally, a fifth setting allows you to dial in a custom favorite. But the waffle maker does more than just let you select batter type.

The square waffle maker gives forth deep-pocketed waffles and has 12 baking levels. If a little extra baking time is necessary, the kitchen appliance has an "A Bit More" button to add extra cooking time. Cooking time and temperature are variable, as the device is capable of adjusting on the fly, meaning that it senses the moisture content of batter and adjusts accordingly -- while appetites will surely only increase.