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Your cocktail is a button-push away

The Vinotemp Epicureanist Automatic Cocktail Mixer features push-button operation. The bar gadget not only stirs, but pours.

The Vinotemp Epicureanist Automatic Cocktail Mixer: not just for martinis.
The Vinotemp Epicureanist Automatic Cocktail Mixer: Not just for martinis. Vinotemp

Bars are sources of never-ending debates. This will not change as long as there are public houses for people to congregate in. This is, of course, a good thing. Debates over who has the best sports team, or who said what in which movie can (and probably should) only go so far in a living room. Drinking establishments fill this need nicely. Just walk in, amble up to the bar and order a martini stirred and not shaken -- nobody will bat an eye, right?

Wrong. Chances are that within earshot, somebody will start up a James Bond conversation. Famously, the movie character orders his martini "shaken, not stirred." You, however, can order them any way you darn well please. And that includes with the press of a button.

The Vinotemp EP-MIXER01 Epicureanist Automatic Cocktail Mixer ($36.95) stirs and serves -- no need for shaking. Featuring graduated measurement markings along the side of the transparent vessel, all that is required for use is to pour the mixers in and press. The lid houses two buttons: one for stirring, and the second to be pressed with the other to serve the beverage using the integrated spout. The countertop device is designed for home use, but since it is portable, you can always take it to the bar and show them how it's done.