ViewSonic ViewDock: iPod on your PC screen

Another day, another podcessory. But this one is actually pretty interesting, in a "why didn't they think of it sooner?" sort of way

They say that in London you're never more than 1 metre away from a rat. That's nothing: we reckon that no matter where you are on the planet, you're never more than three inches away from a podcessory.

The latest iPod add-on (of sorts) is the ViewSonic ViewDock series -- a clutch of new widescreen monitors with iPod docking stations incorporated into the design. The dock, located in the stand, provides a handy cradle and charger for your iPod. Impressively, ViewDock monitors can display whatever's being shown on your iPod. This means you can view the iPod menu, movies and photos at up to 65 times larger than they'd be normally (depending on which monitor you're looking at).

The ViewDock range comes with built-in speakers and an integrated subwoofer, so they'll probably sound a heck of a lot better than ordinary monitor speakers, or cheapo portable ones. You'll also find three front-facing USB ports and an 8-in-1 memory card reader. All in all, it's great -- just ask the guy in the picture. (Is that the lovechild of Craig David and Steve Tyler?)

The ViewDock series will also be available without the iPod docking station (under a different name, obviously) and will launch on October 12 in 18-inch and 22-inch guises. We can't yet confirm a price, but rest assured we'll hunt ViewSonic down like dogs until we get more info and a review sample. -RR