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Viewsonic VB620 and VB625: Budget eBook readers ahoy

Viewsonic has a couple of sexy-looking, fairly-priced eBook readers for you -- they're known as the VB620 and VB625. Gather round and take a look for yourselves

Viewsonic is best known for its computer monitors, but the rabbit hole that is its product range goes much deeper. It's given us netbooks and nettops, and will shortly ramp up its range of eBook readers, to complement the VEB612.

The VEB620 and VEB625 are pretty much identical. Both are available in black or white, utilise an 800x600-pixel E-Ink display capable of 16 shades of greyscale, and have 2GB of internal storage -- upgradeable via an SD card slot. Likewise, both support XML (epub, fb2), HTML, PDF, TXT and RTF file formats, as well as MP3 audio output via a 3.5mm headphone jack or an integrated 0.5W speaker.

The only discerning feature between the two devices is that the VEB625 comes with 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. It's 38g heavier than the 220g VEB620 as a result, and its battery life is a quoted 6,500 page refreshes as opposed to the VEB620's 8,000.

The VEB625 will sell for a fairly reasonable £205, while its sibling will be up for grabs for a mere £175. They look pretty good on paper and in pictures, but we'll give you our full verdict once we get to fondle them in the flesh.