Video reviews round-up: Megapixel madness and sexy laptops

Stand back, videophiles. We're about to blast you with a heat wave of video reviews that are so hot, you'll need an oven glove to hold the mouse

The weather isn't the only thing that's been heating up over the last couple of weeks. We've been fogging up your monitor with steamy video reviews, from splash-proof dSLRs to powerful -- not to mention sexy -- laptops. Crank up the air con and let the viewing begin.

We waited a long time for this dSLR's arrival and our patience paid off in the Olympus E-3 video review. This dust- and splash-proof 10-megapixel camera stands at the top of the Olympus E series, sporting live view and impressing us with its professional performance. Meanwhile Sony has stuffed 10 megapixels into a much smaller compact and you can check out the zippy Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 video review to see its bevy of features. If you're not impressed, observe the mammoth 21-megapixel madness on offer in the Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III video review. This upgraded, high-end shooter is an imaging powerhouse, but it'll tug at your purse strings as much as your heart.

For Mac owners jonesing for the latest accessories, the Apple Time Capsule video review will fill the hole as an all-in-one wireless router and hard drive. If your iPod is feeling lonely, give it some attention with a superb speaker system. Watch the Tannoy i30 video review for our thoughts on its excellent sound quality.

Don't worry -- we didn't forget you Windows users. One of the best-looking 15-inch laptops in recent memory is on display in our Dell XPS M1530 video review. It may not be as slim and trim as the MacBook Air, but with a smart crimson lid and a slender look, this laptop definitely puts design first.

Before you go dousing yourself with cold water, we can't help but throw one more log on this on-screen fire with the LG KF600 video review. This slider phone sports dual-screen technology and a contextual menu system that you have to see in action to believe.

The coals burn bright in Crave, too, where we hit the road to see the Modu phone in Barcelona and to get our super-sweaty hands around the wheel of the Jaguar XKR Portfolio. You can watch the Crave Live video of the Modu here and the Car Tech video here.

Whew. We're so hot right now. The sparks will continue to fly, so stay tuned for more motion-picture kindling. -Shannon Doubleday