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Video reviews round-up: An April deluge

While we're crossing our fingers that this recent deluge isn't indicative of the summer to come, we're opening up the floodgates with our own torrent of video reviews

April and its showers, eh? While we're crossing our fingers that this recent deluge isn't indicative of the summer to come, we're opening up the floodgates to present you with a torrent of video reviews. Umbrellas up? Let's go.

Our patience paid off last week when we finally got our hands on the update to the Asus Eee PC 701. In the Asus Eee PC 900 video review, Rory checks out all the salient details of this 8.9-inch version of the mini-laptop. You'll still be chicken typing, but it's the best Eee yet. Still, if space for your sausage-sized fingers is a major concern, perhaps you'll find the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC video review is more your speed. With a similarly sized screen to the new Eee, the HP's stylish design and solid construction could tick more boxes. You be the judge.

Of course, we know sub-notebooks aren't for everyone, especially those with hefty media file collections. If it's space you need, it's space you'll get with the Asus M70 video review. Not only does the M70 boast a 17-inch screen for watching your favourite films in hi-def, you'll also be able to indulge your hoarding tendencies with a massive 1 terabyte of storage.

In the world of mobiles, we were tickled pink -- purple, actually -- by the Motorola U9 video review. Motorola added a little colour and we were all over it, bow-chicka-wow-wow style. Of course, the paint job on the Nokia N82 (Black) video review reminded us that black makes everything look sexier. Just wait 'till you get a load of the Nokia N96 video review -- we can't wait for this update to the N95. This summertime smartphone will boast HSDPA and 16GB of memory -- it's looking like a multimedia behemoth. The Nokia product manager at Mobile World Congress certainly thought so, and who are we to contradict him?

The deluge continues with Ian's stunning Panasonic Viera TH-42PX80B video review, while Rich takes on the plucky Canon Digital IXUS 970 IS video review and the solid Sony Alpha DSLR-A200 video review. Plus, Nate's impressions of the Sony PFR-V1 headphones video review might seem to be written all over his face, but you'll need to check out the video to know the real story.

The clouds aren't clearing out, but we are. Until next week. -Shannon Doubleday