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Veho muvi: Go extreme with the world's smallest camcorder

UK manufacturer Veho is going extreme with the muvi, the world's smallest micro camcorder

UK manufacturer Veho is flying the flag for tiny camcorders with the muvi, the smallest of its kind. It's a mere 5.5cm tall, as you can see in our delightful 'actual size' picture to the left.

Just like the iPhone 3G S, it shoots video and is voice-controlled. When you're dangling over a crevasse, you're fairly likely to need both hands -- one to hold on, and one to put a neat crease in your slacks -- so, if you spot a penguin tripping up another penguin, you simply shout 'action!' and the hilarity is captured for posterity.

The muvi shoots 640x480-pixel video in AVI format. It also takes 2-megapixel stills, and will work as a webcam. Everything is stored on a microSD card. You get a 2GB card in the box.

When you're done extreme horse jumping off cliffs and you've returned home for a well-deserved shower and a mug of Horlicks -- extreme Horlicks, naturally -- you simply plug the muvi in to your computer via USB, and it charges while you rub Vaseline on your saddle-chafed loins.

For an extra £20, you can also get an Extreme Sports Pack, including a weatherproof skin and assorted straps and clips, for mounting the muvi on handlebars, arms, walls and even your head.

The muvi costs around £70 from Amazon, Firebox and other vendors.