Vegetables that look good enough to eat

The new combi-steam oven from Gaggenau lets you prepare colorful, delicious dishes that retain more nutrients than other cooking methods.

Abbi Perets
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Abbi Perets
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Are those cooked carrots as bright as they could be? And if you're going to eat your vegetables, don't you want full vitamin credit? The Gaggenau combination steam and convection oven helps you set a beautiful table with food that's full of health benefits.

The steam generator is connected directly to a removable water tank that doesn't require any plumbing or drainage lines, so you won't need to call your contractor for a pricey installation. The tank uses just one-third of a gallon to supply enough water to fill the oven with 100 percent humidity for an hour. You can also set the oven to 30, 60, or 80 percent humidity. And the steam is produced without pressure, so go ahead and open the oven door to add seasonings or take a quick peek.

In the mood for crusty bread or crispy chicken? Set the humidity to 0 percent and take advantage of convection cooking to deliver a meal rich with texture and flavor.

The oven's interior is stainless steel, which looks good and cleans easily, especially if you do steam cook frequently. The built-in grease filter also helps keep mess to a minimum. Of course you can always run the cleaning program to make sure your oven keeps that showroom shine. The oven has a fully integrated clear text LCD control panel in the bottom of the all-glass door. And the cool-door technology is a must in any home with small children--or easily distracted grown-up chefs.

Convenience and style do come at a price, of course, and the combi-steam oven retails for $4,696. But one warning: There's still no way your kids are going to eat that broccoli. Even if it is bright green and chock-full of nutrients.