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Fire sale: Vaio's pricey Windows tablet is now $1,200 cheaper

Vaio has slashed the cost of its Z Canvas tablet by more than half.

Josh Miller/CNET

No, that's not a typo.

Through President's Day, the Microsoft Store is selling Vaio's Z Canvas tablet for $1,200 off the regular price. If you're the right kind of customer, this could be the computer deal of the year.

Update, 9:33 a.m. PT: The Vaio Z Canvas appears to be out of stock at Microsoft's online store. You could still try calling their retail locations, but it may be gone.

The Vaio Z Canvas, a Windows 10 tablet that comes with its own portable keyboard and stylus, normally starts at $2,200 -- and stretches up to $3,100 for the highest-end configuration with a quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory and a terabyte of fast solid-state storage. But right now, you can get that $2,200 version for just $997, or the fully loaded $3,100 version for $1,397. Again, those aren't typos.

What's the catch? The Vaio Z Canvas is a unique computer aimed at designers and photographers. You can't easily use it on your lap. It's designed to be operated with a stylus in one hand and a keyboard in the other, while the tablet props itself up on a desk. It's fast -- as fast as a MacBook Pro -- but the screen only measures 12.3 inches diagonally.

Before you buy, you should really read my full review to see if it sounds like the PC for you. Just ignore the parts where I call it "pricey" or "expensive." You'll be getting your money's worth here.