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Vacuum-sealed, temperature controlled wine preservation from U.K.

EuroCave offers SoWine Bar as a way to preserve and serve wine. Vacuum seals two bottles of wine while keeping them at their optimum temperature.

SoWine Bar

White or red? It may be a common question that we ask ourselves when pondering which bottle to open for dinner. Especially when our palates have expanded beyond the simple "white with fish, red with beef" mantra of generations past. I mean, what about tofu? Sometimes a hearty red is what the situation calls for. However, our wine drinking predecessors were right on many an occasion. For example, the delicate flavor of fish usually is best with a white. So the best (and most fun) answer is simple. Open one of each. Ah, but then we will end up with two half-empty (or half-full) bottles of wine, just waiting to go stale. Right? Nope, not any longer.

The SoWine Bar from EuroCave solves the dilemma by allowing for the preservation of two bottles of wine at the same time. By inserting the bottles and pressing down on the pump, a vacuum is created to slow the process of oxidation. So if you are faced with the question of red wine or white, don't hesitate to open both. The wine can be stored for up to seven days, so no more planning meals around what bottle of wine happens to be open.

Of course, there are other vacuum wine contraptions out there, but I don't know of any that also happen to keep your bottles at optimum drinking temperature. The two sections are separately controlled, enabling the capability to store open bottles of either white or red. Unfortunately, the degrees happen to be in Celsius, so we may have to wait a while for it to arrive on our shores.