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Upgrade to Microsoft's best wireless ergonomic mouse and keyboard combo for $80 today

If you type all day, an ergonomic keyboard can be your best friend.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

Ergonomic keyboards are funny looking, a little on the expensive side and almost never light up in pretty colors. What they do well is keep your hands and wrists safe while you type, which is considerably more important than you might imagine. Microsoft has gotten good at making ergonomic keyboards over the years, and its Sculpt Wireless model is one of the best. Today, you can score this nice keyboard and number pad accessory alongside its excellent Sculpt mouse for only $80 at Amazon, which is a great deal for all this tech. 

This isn't the lowest price ever for these wrist-saving accessories, but it's not far off. It's the best deal seen on them in over a year, and if you're finding yourself returning to the office you may decide it's time to upgrade some of your personal tech now that your work computer has to go back with you. The Sculpt Mouse and Keyboard offer fantastic support with a unique design, and the battery life on each is good enough that you can go for weeks without thinking about it.