Underdone toast is a thing of the past

The Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster practically guarantees to do away with underdone toast, as well as burnt bread masquerading as breakfast.

Thursday Bram
Thursday Bram is a freelance journalist of over five years experience. She has worked in real estate and property management, learning the hard way the difference between the appliances that people like and the appliances that actually work in a home. Thursday currently lives in Maryland.
Thursday Bram
The Smart Toaster Breville

I have a secret defense when it comes to toast: I like mine just a little less crunchy than my husband does. There's no way to toast it just "a bit more," which means that, if I've walked away from the toaster, my breakfast will still be there when I get back.

But Breville has made a toaster that makes every aspect of toasting bread just a little bit easier. The Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster even has "a bit more" function that allows a user to pop a slice back in for just a little more toasting rather than a full cycle. I fear for my breakfast's safety.

There are some real benefits to the Smart Toaster, though. It has a bagel button. If you choose to push the bagel button, the toaster heats only the cut side of the bagel, eliminating the weird texture a sliced bagel gets when both sides are toasted.

The Smart Toaster has also approved on the traditional fork-in-toaster removal process for finished toast. It has a motorized lift that actually brings the toast up to a level that I can retrieve it without risking electrocution. Always a plus in my book.

The designers of the Breville Smart Toaster set out to make a machine that reduced the risk of burnt slices or underdone toast. The many features of the Smart Toaster practically guarantee that it will toast your bread to the perfect level of doneness.