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Ultra-cheap Raspberry Pi 3 may get Android support

There's an entry in Google's Android Open Source Project page for the device.

The Raspberry Pi's low price is designed to get hobbyists thinking differently.
Taylor Martin/CNET

There may soon be another reason to love the uber-affordable and portable Raspberry Pi 3.

An entry for Raspberry Pi 3, a $35, small and simple computer, appeared on Google's Android Open Source Project page, according to Android Police. It's part of the same directory that also includes other Android phones.

The addition of Android support would give it access to the world's most popular operating system, and let folks mess around with their own custom projects using Google's software. Google wasn't immediately available for comment.

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Hobbyists, developers and students have gravitated towards the Raspberry Pi, which is a simple motherboard with a CPU, graphics card, memory and a few other components. The device already runs Windows 10 and is designed to encourage people to tinker with the device to create their own projects.