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Two meals in one pan

Do double duty when you're cooking breakfast with the 12-inch Divided Skillet from Circulon. This pan lets you get multiple dishes on the stove without needing to pull out another pan.

The 12-inch Divided Skillet
Bed Bath & Beyond

When I'm cooking, I'll wind up with a pan on each burner, even if I only need to heat up something small. The 12-inch Divided Skillet from Circulon minimizes the number of pans a cook really needs: You can cook two dishes in one pan, which is perfect if you're making a smaller meal. You can cook up two versions of the same dish, which is ideal if you've got a family of picky eaters. You can save space on your stove top, which may be necessary with the holiday season rolling around. The uses for a skillet that can handle two dishes at once are endless.

The 12-inch Divided Skillet is designed to cook evenly, relying on high quality stainless steel with a nonstick coating to release food easily. The nonstick coating actually extends to the outside of the pan, making the whole thing much simpler to clean up. The pan has a silicone comfort grip, which allows you to handle it without worrying about slipping. It's oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You will need to wash the skillet by hand, but it's easy to clean up. The 12-inch Divided Skillet is $49.99. Circulon also offers a number of cookware sets with similar features.