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Two bins in one to make recycling easier

Inside the sleek exterior, this trash can holds two compartments: one for trash, and one for compostable organics.

Don't trash your compost! Brabantia

The idea of recycling appeals to most of us, but it's not always easy to get from the idea to the reality. Set yourself up for success by making it as easy as possible to recycle things. The Twin Bin from Brabantia is a brilliant or matte stainless steel trash can that's split into two compartments: a 23-liter everyday bin, and a 10-liter area for compostable waste.

Keep your organic matter ready for easy composting without having to keep a second trash can in the kitchen with a single can that looks good enough to be on display.

The sturdy plastic base won't scratch or damage your floors, and the entire unit is easy to lift--even when full--and simple to clean. Ventilation holes in the larger unit let excess air escape and prevent a vacuum when removing the bin. If you want to take the idea of recycling and make it your reality, this trash can makes it easier.