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Twiztt solves a cookware puzzle

There's a lot going on here and it all fits together. The Twiztt Cut, Cook & Serve Set consists of kitchen gear that gets put to use every day.

The aptly named Twiztt Cut, Cook & Serve Set puts it all together.
The aptly named Twiztt Cut, Cook & Serve Set puts it all together. Chef Central

Cookware can be deceptively simple. Deceptive, because it usually is simple. But then something comes along and adds another piece to the puzzle. Then another. Eventually, a set of interlocking pieces comes together, promising to do anything and everything. The problem is, sometimes when things get too complicated, their original utility gets lost in the fold.

Not so with the Twiztt by Joan Lunden Cut, Cook & Serve Set ($79.99). Like a puzzle, the set of kitchenware comes together to form something greater than the sum of its parts. As the name implies, the multitasking set goes from prepping to cooking duties, finally ending up on the table. But where it really shines is in its interconnectibility.

The parts work together with each of the four pieces designed to play well with others. Included in the set is a cutting board, a melamine bowl, a ceramic, nonstick stainless-steel skillet and a lid with adjustable steam release knob. The convergence of form and function continues with fun details that any cook would enjoy: the cutting board features a cut-out for easy scrap disposal, the lid locks into place for easy straining, and a neat measurement guide is included directly on the cutting board.

Now if it can only solve the puzzle of what to make for dinner.