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Twitch launches Communities to better connect gamers

The Amazon-owned social video site for gamers creates a new directory to help users find that right stream.


Twitch's new Communities directory lets gamers find and create content that most interests them.


Twitch wants its users to be more community-oriented.

The online site that lets gamers broadcast their sessions launched a new directory Thursday called Communities, which lets them find the games and topics they're interested in.

Users can form specific groups around such popular topics as speedrunning, e-sports and cosplay, as well as create their own communities.

"With Communities, we are giving our users the power to create groups of their choosing, while providing creators with another tool to expand their audiences," Sheila Raju, Twitch's product marketing manager, said in a statement.

Staring down larger video giant YouTube, Twitch has been working to make the site more inviting for those who aren't gamers. In December, the Amazon-owned site loosened its rules to allow non-gaming video.

The site also has been hosting oddball marathons -- like the 24/7 Julia Child- and Bob Ross-streaming sprees last year -- to launch less game-centric channels.