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Turn your Mac into remote Bluetooth keyboard with Typeeto

This Mac app can turn your Mac keyboard into a Magic Keyboard.

Along with its new iMac lineup, Apple has released new versions of its Bluetooth keyboard, trackpad and mouse (see them in pictures and video). Before you shell out for Apple's new Magic Keyboard, you may already be typing on a magical Bluetooth keyboard and not realize it.

For significantly less than the new Magic Keyboard, you can use your Mac's current keyboard as a Bluetooth keyboard. Mac app Typeeto is all that is required. Typeeto costs $6.99, £4.99, AU$8.99 in the Mac App Store.

After installing Typeeto, make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your Mac and pair it with your other Bluetooth devices as you normally would (you do not use Typeeto to make this connection). Remember, you'll need to initiate contact from iOS and Android devices to connect via Bluetooth to your Mac.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

In no time, I was up and typing with Typeeto on my iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and Apple TV. (According to Typeeto, the app also works with game consoles.) I found it particularly useful to use my MacBook to navigate iTunes and Netflix on my Apple TV. Not only was I able to perform searches faster, but I was also able to use the arrow keys to navigate menus, and the Esc key even worked as a back button to jump back a menu level.

Typeeto could not have been easier to use. From the menu bar icon, I was able to choose which device to connect to. When you are connected, an icon appears in the middle of your Mac's display, letting you know you are connected. Simply click anywhere outside of the icon on your desktop to disconnect from a device.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

In settings, you can set up keyboard shortcuts to connect to your devices. And you can choose either a light or dark theme for the icon that appears when you are connected.

(Via Lifehacker)