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Turn text into tasks with Chrome extension Todoed

With Todoed, you can create to-do list items by simply highlighting and right-clicking on text in Chrome.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

If your workday has you spending large amounts of time working and collaborating online, then Chrome extension Todoed can help you stay on task. Or, more accurately stated, create tasks. With Todoed, you can turn snippets from a productive chat with a coworker -- and nearly any text you encounter in Chrome -- into to-do list items.

When you install Todoed, it places a small icon to the right of Chrome's URL bar and adds a line to the right-click menu. To create a to-do list, you simply highlight text in Chrome -- from a Facebook chat or a Web page -- and right-click. From that menu, choose Add to Todoed and select Assign to Myself or another user you've invited to use the extension.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

To see your to-do list, click on the button Todoed added to the right of Chrome's URL bar. For each item, there are four buttons to help you manage your list. You can edit, mark as important, mark as complete and delete. From this panel, you can also create and assign tasks. Click the Open Full List button in the upper-right corner of this panel to open a new Chrome tab with your to-do list complete with filtering options and search functionality. Also from the Full List tab, you can click on Users and invite others via email to use Todoed with you. When others assign you tasks, you'll receive an email and a notification.

Todoed is a great way to streamline your online workflow, letting you create and manage your to-do list without navigating away from your current page in Chrome. One drawback I encountered however, was with Google Drive, which lies at the heart of my workday. Because Google Drive has its own contextual right-click menus full of options specific to Docs or Sheets, the Add to Todoed menu item is not included.

Lastly, there is no mobile version of Todoed, an increasingly important, if not necessary, consideration for people searching for a to-do list application, but the developer tells me a Todoed mobile app "is on its way."