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Turkey Cannon flavors bird from the inside out

Infusion Roaster from Sante brings the classic beer can chicken recipe to your Thanksgiving turkey.

No, it doesn't fire turkeys.

It's that time of year again: turkey time. All across the land decisions are being made as to how to cook the main course for the Thanksgiving feast this year. While ham or duck may occasionally grace the table, for most the question is how to prepare the turkey.

Recommended cooking times vary greatly, usually hovering around some safe bet of 15-18 minutes per pound at 325-350 degrees. Chances are that if you follow the guidelines, you'll end up with a dry bird. Dark meat and white meat need different cooking times, so when one is done (white) the other (dark) still needs cooking. If you choose to stuff your bird, you're asking for even more trouble, as it slows down cooking time, increasing the chances of an overcooked turkey.

Your options are not just limited to the standard roast, however. Deep-fried turkey is an enticing option, but requires a bit of planning (especially in the safety department). Those looking for a new experience without much fuss may want to try the Turkey Cannon. Yes, that's right, the Turkey Cannon.

The two-piece contraption is a take on the classic beer can chicken, but is designed instead to accommodate the larger size of a turkey. Simply pour in your favorite delicious liquid, such as wine, beer or even juice, and slide the turkey over the cylinder. As the turkey cooks, the liquid will boil and flavor the turkey from the inside. As an added bonus, the turkey should cook more quickly, giving you more time to partake in that other Thanksgiving tradition: filling up on appetizers before dinner.