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Tron: Legacy Monster headphones de-rezz your ears

Greetings, programs. You can now wear a bit of Tron: Legacy on your head, as Monster reveals headphones based on the forthcoming film.

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Richard Trenholm

Greetings, programs. You can now wear a part of Tron: Legacy on your head, as Monster reveals headphones based on the forthcoming film. Branded with a Daft Punk logo, they light up and everything.

Monster's line of Tron-tastic light-up products include the T1 over-the-ear cans, T3 in-ear headphones and Identity iPod dock, which is modelled on the film's data disc. Get the Tron app on your iPhone or iPod touch and you can unlock a film-themed alarm clock for use with the dock.

The T1 Tronphones offer noise-isolating technology and an adjustable LED Light Drive system -- in other words, they light up. They also come with a removable boom mic, which attaches to either ear to turn it into a gaming headset -- perfect for playing Tron: Evolution. The headphones all support Monster ControlTalk voice-activated hands-free phone calls.

Daft Punk's excellent Tron: Legacy soundtrack is also included with the headphones, which come in black or white.

Monster has a whole entourage in the music-star VIP area. Hip-hop medic Dr Dre signs his name to the Monster Beats range of headphones, while meat-wearing discomannequin Lady Gaga sprinkles fairy glitter all over the Heartbeats range.

Tron: Legacy is in cinemas on 17 December, although if you're planning to remind yourself of the original you can't do it online. The T1 headphones cost $350 (£222) and the ID dock costs $250 (£160), while prices for the T3s are TBC.