Tovolo Crock-Book Holder holds tablets too

The Tovolo Crock-Book Holder has combination functionality to appeal to both modern and classic recipe followers. The countertop accessory can be used as a tablet stand or book holder.

Read on, cook on, tap on with the Tovolo Crock-Book Holder.
Read on, cook on, tap on with the Tovolo Crock-Book Holder.Tovolo

Good things come together in the kitchen. Individual ingredients combine to form some sort of cohesive whole that is not only very often greater than its parts, but also happens to be edible. Naturally, this is the best part of kitchen-related efforts: getting to eat the results. But getting from point A to point B requires a little thing called cooking. And while that is half the fun, it's even more fun when the cooking has its own set of surprising combinations.

The Tovolo Crock-Book Holder ($25) is more than what the name alone would imply. In its most basic form it is just something to hold your cooking tools within arm's reach. But adding to the utility is the fact that it is also a book holder. Reading a novel and cooking usually don't go too well together, but following a recipe in a cookbook however is a time-honored tradition that still occurs daily despite the proliferation of cooking apps and websites. Oh, and speaking of, it is a tablet holder too.

The overachieving holder features a clear plastic brace to keep recipe books in place and is adjustable to accommodate books of varying thicknesses. When not in use, it slides back to fit against the body of the crock -- and see that cut-out notch in the picture above? That is there to accommodate a flip down tablet holder that is pulled away from the base when in use, making it so that no matter how you get there -- cookbook or tablet -- the journey to mealtime all comes together in one neat package.