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Touch-screen blender mixes old and new

The Oster Blender with eLume Touchscreen provides a slick new interface for today's modern kitchens.

Just add margaritas.
Bed Bath & Beyond

Along with toasters, blenders are an iconic part of the American kitchen. They look cool, are very useful, and don't take up much room. In the list of appliances to get, blenders are certainly near the top. Blended margaritas certainly wouldn't be the same without them.

The Oster Blender with eLume Touchscreen brings blender style to the 21st century. Featuring a control panel sans traditional knobs or buttons, the blender relies entirely on a touch-screen interface. Without any nooks or crannies to hold spills, the flat screen easily wipes clean. When not in use, the eLume lights turn off, giving this blender a sleek, modern appearance.

Design may be important to kitchen decor, but usefulness has to be paramount when selecting any appliance. The 6-cup dishwasher-safe vessel has been thermal shock-tested to withstand temperature changes. An all-metal drive system is designed for durability.

Features include timed automatic settings for crushing ice. With its ice crusher blade for pulverizing ice and frozen fruits, along with its contemporary look, this blender could bring a new level of fun to your next margarita party.