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Toshiba unleashes slew of notebooks

The wireless-enabled systems target all levels of businesses; at least one model is designed to handle intense graphic presentations.

Toshiba announced on Tuesday a slew of notebooks targeted at all strata of businesses.

The Tecra A2-S119 features the Intel Celeron M 340 chip, wireless connectivity and Intel's Extreme Graphics 2 to handle intense graphic presentations. Meanwhile, the Tecra M2-S539 is based on Intel's Centrino mobile technology and the Intel Pentium M 745. It comes with an 80GB hard drive and wireless options such as Bluetooth. Both the Tecra A2 and M2 cost $1,199, Toshiba said.

Another new notebook, the Portege M200 tablet PC, offers the Pentium M 735 and wireless connectivity. It is also Bluetooth-ready, Toshiba said. It has a screen rotation button and four tablet pen buttons that enable shortcuts when in tablet PC mode. A variant, the Portege R100, weighs 2.3 pounds and is 0.6-inches thick, the company said. It is based on the Pentium M ultralow-voltage 733 and has a battery life of up to 6.25 hours, the company said. The M200 is priced at $2,199 and the R100 at $1,999.

Toshiba also announced new additions to its Satellite A70 and A60 series of notebook PCs.

The A70-S259 uses TruBrite technology, designed to give people a wider viewing angle. Both notebooks feature a television port for making multimedia presentations on a television or projector directly from the computer. The A70-S259 and S249 notebooks are based on Mobile Pentium 4 chips and have a 60GB hard disk drive. The A70 series also features a 15.4-inch wide-screen display and can play CDs and DVDs. The A70-S259 model is $1,499, and the S249 costs $1,349.

Meanwhile, the A60-S159 is based on the Celeron D 335 and costs $1,099.

The company said all of the wireless-enabled notebooks come loaded with ConfigFree software for troubleshooting.