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Toshiba touts new business notebooks

Computer maker is latest company to release new portables for the business market. Photos: Notebooks at work

Toshiba on Wednesday released two new notebooks targeted at small-to-medium business, enterprise, government and education markets.

The Tecra M3 and S2 feature enhancements in processing, graphics, security and memory over the existing lines of notebooks, the company said. The products feature Intel's Centrino mobile technology and Pentium M processors with a 533MHz front side bus, integrated wireless local-area network connectivity and a 915 Express chipset. Both notebooks have GeForce Go 6 Series PCI Express bus graphics processors from Nvidia.

For wireless connectivity, the Tecra M3 offers Gigabit Ethernet, a V.92 modem, infrared and optional Bluetooth, and a choice of Wi-Fi connection.

The trusted platform module encryption chip provides file storage protection, identity protection and safeguards for corporate data-?both from external software attacks and physical theft.

The Tecra S2 has optional Bluetooth and two wireless networking choices, Toshiba said. A CD writer and DVD-ROM are optional in S2, while M3 comes with a SelectBay CD-RW/DVD-ROM, the computer maker said.

The Tecra M3 is now available with prices starting at $1,799, while Tecra S2s start at $1,200, the company said.

The notebook market has seen lots of action lately with new releases by leading makers such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM and Apple featuring new processors and other features.

Toshiba on Wednesday also announced graphics upgrades to the Tecra A4-S211series. The Tecra A4 can be configured to feature discrete graphics from either ATI or Nvidia, the company said. The Tecra A4-S211 is priced at $1,399.