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Toshiba taps UPS for laptop repairs

The PC maker will use UPS' network of drop-off locations, as well as its repair technicians and supply chain, to streamline the way it handles notebook repairs.

Toshiba America Information Systems has roped in United Parcel Service to help it streamline the process for customers who need their laptops repaired.

On Tuesday, Toshiba's digital products division announced a new deal, under which UPS will provide repairs and support for the PC maker's notebooks at a center in Louisville, Ky. It will also handle shipping logistics and parts storage for the laptop-repairing process.

The company said the arrangement is aimed at reducing turnaround time for customers to four days or less.

"It will eliminate multiple transportation steps, centralize parts and repairs, and reduce costs," Mark Simons, general manager for Toshiba's Digital Products division, said in a statement.

Customers will be able to drop a system off at a UPS Store location and have it repaired and shipped back to them as early as 8:30 the next morning.

Toshiba said it hopes to save "millions of dollars" by revamping its service operations and achieving better inventory through the use of UPS networks and supply chain management. The shipping company has 3,300 retail locations and technicians who are certified to repair entire laptops, Toshiba said. The PC maker said it has nearly 5 million laptop customers to serve.