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Toshiba tablet teaser site flaunts impressive Android Honeycomb wares

Toshiba's new 10-inch Android-powered tablet is now wiggling its Honeycomb-powered hotness on a teaser website, including its beefy cameras and HD capabilities.

Toshiba hasn't given its new Android tablet a name yet, but the company has launched a teaser website to show off the device's slinky design and powerful features.

Its specs won't come as a surprise if your read our CES preview. The tablet runs the Honeycomb variant of Google's Android software, and sports a 10-inch screen with 720p resolution, a 5-megapixel rear camera complemented by a 2-megapixel front-cam, an HDMI-out port and Nvidia's Tegra 2 processor.

Toshiba's tablet is due to go on sale sometime this spring, presumably after the company settles on a suitably spiffing name for it (or, alternatively, just calls it the Folio 200). Those cameras in particular will be a major selling point, especially given today's rumour that Apple's iPad 2 will only have a 1-megapixel back-facing camera.

The teaser site flags up the screen's ability to automatically adjust its brightness and contrast depending on the surrounding light, promises high-resolution gaming, and reminds you that the tablet's 16:10 aspect ratio is "rather perfect for both movies and Web browsing".

There's more connectivity than you can shake a (memory) stick at, with USB 2.0 and mini-USB ports, plus the obligatory Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. An SD card slot also scores over devices such as the iPad, giving you expandable storage.

"Email, video chat, tweet and whatever else the future thinks up next," promises Toshiba. We have to say, the tablet's specs look very fine indeed. All will depend on how the Honeycomb software runs on it, and -- something we're wondering about all these Android 3.0 tablets -- what kind of apps and content store will be available.