Top ten funniest tech videos ever made

CNET UK has scanned aeons of audiovisual entertainment, discarded everything related to cats, Miley Cyrus and US healthcare, and found ten tech-related clips that genuinely made us LOL

Mark Harris Special to CNET News
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Every minute, 10 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. This means that by 2015, Google's servers will contain over 5,000 years of footage -- handy if you have the entire span of human history to kill, but tricky to browse in your lunch hour. Fear not. CNET UK has scanned aeons of audiovisual entertainment, discarded everything related to pet cats, Miley Cyrus and the US healthcare debate, and selected ten bite-sized, tech-related clips that genuinely made us LOL. Or at least SSA (snigger semi-audibly).

Mactini -- The Peter Serafinowicz Show

It's been nearly a year since Serafinowicz's Christmas special and we can't believe the Mactini nano still hasn't found its way on to shelves. Or maybe it has and we just can't see it. Forget the iTablet -- this is an inspired infomercial for the best portable/inhalable computer Apple has yet to make.

The Mirror Ball Suit -- The Mighty Boosh

It's surprising just how few online vids cover 21st century fashion breakthroughs, the discovery of a new note between B and C, or "shoes of the future and trousers of the past". Warning, seafood fanciers! Contains the re-gened sound of a crab committing suicide.

Fun at CES -- Gizmodo

Inspired by the classic Fun with Remotes prank at Apple's PPA show in 2007, Gizmodo let rip at CES 2008 with a TV-B-Gone screen zapper. Are they planet-hugging eco-warriors or childish cyber-terrorists? When they annoy marketing-solution evangelists this effectively, who cares?

Blockbuster museum -- The Onion

How quickly satire turns into truth. This segment about a living museum featuring a 'historically authentic speciality store where customers exchanged money for the short-term use of videos' is soon to be joined by the recreation of such archaic institutions as 'post offices', 'public hospitals' and 'train stations'.

PowerBook start-up -- Prangstgrup

Everything Prangstgrup do to upset, confuse and delight their native New Yorkers is worth watching, but this clip could be their masterwork. Played out virtually without dialogue, you'll be giggling within seconds and laughing out loud by the time it ends. Whoever composed the utterly convincing PowerBook anthem deserves a Grammy at the very least.

Indian MotoRokr commercial -- Motorola

However clever and funny and well-made TV ads are, you always feel a little dirty for enjoying them. Not this charming 60-second slice of life from India, which sadly wasted its acting talent and bumpalicious soundtrack on the godawful Motorola Rokr pre-iPhone iTunes handset. Do hang around for the last few seconds, where a gravelly-voiced singer croons, "Wireless Music. Stores up to 15 hundred songs. Real Player. MP3." Priceless.

Windows crashing -- Microsoft

When a man slips on a banana skin, it's amusing. When the same guy slips on it a second time, it's funny. When he straps banana skins to his feet and tries to wrestle an inflatable gorilla, it's It's a Knockout. You get our point. If not, watch any or all of the millions of clips of camera-shy Windows devices crashing at critical moments in incredibly important presentations. This is our favourite.

Guy Goma -- BBC News 24

Why did it take a bewildered business studies student from the Congo to make us realise just how formulaic most news interviews are? Because, you know what, you really can "go everywhere on the cyber-cafe" and "it is much better to get the easy way and so faster if they are looking for." Isn't it? Anyone know if Goma is Twittering?

Flutter -- Slate V

Talking of which, check out Slate magazine's understated (for America) send-up of the whole micro-blogging -- wait, nano-blogging -- meme. Flutter could be too plausible to be really funny, but it's worth sticking with it for the VR ticker-specs and the pay-off line.

Close Range video game -- The Onion

With a Web site to visit and an online demo to play, this Onion news-blip is dangerously close to a professionally produced multimedia experience. Luckily, the bit about shooting animals in the face is childish enough to reassure you it's just a bunch of kids having fun with their dad's video camera. And, presumably, his multi-million dollar, post-production facility.

Honorable mention: Sony Releases Stupid Piece of S*** -- The Onion

The Onion lets rip with the most damaging PR for Sony since it was revealed that Hitler only invaded Poland because "his Walkman told him to do it". Packed from second 1 to second 91 with the kind of colourful language usually reserved for questioning the decisions of football referees, this gloriously profane clip is essential viewing for anyone who has ever tried to do anything with technology, ever. Too rude to embed the site, you should only click through if you're ready for some very strong language.

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