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This is what 1,000 frame-per-second projection looks like

A lab at the University of Tokyo's new DynaFlash projector can shoot designs onto moving T-shirts.

A Japanese company is perfecting the art of projection -- to the point where it could change the fashion of the future.

The University of Tokyo earlier this month showed off projection technology that can operate at 1,000 frames per second while offering only a 3 millisecond delay.

The device, now known as the "DynaFlash", is also capable of tracking and projecting onto moving surfaces, such as a T-shirt being blown about in the wind.

It doesn't sound too exciting on paper, but it's hard to not be impressed by the video below.

The DynaFlash projects its imagery onto infrared markers that are undetectable to the human eye. It can distinguish between markers too, shooting two separate images onto different markers placed in the same area.

Projection mapping has been around since 1969, with its first commercial use being Disneyland's Haunted Mansion ride. Over time, as the technology improved, more companies have used the same concept in both performance pieces and advertising. While there are no applications for this technology just yet, active advertising by targeting people's clothing is one area that the Lab would like to see this technology applied.

With the development of low delay tracking, moving objects and even people's faces may just become the next performance art, and maybe one day AR won't be the only way to try clothes on without wearing them.