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Toast n Egg makes toast with eggs

Toaster and egg poacher combination creates all-in-one quick 'n' easy breakfast on the go.

'Toast n Egg' combination toater/egg poacher Tefal

Now this combination makes sense. Toast with an egg is undoubtedly a great pairing to start any day. The problem for me is that if I'm gonna make an egg, most likely I'm gonna fry it. Not necessarily because it will taste better, but more so for the absolute lack of effort it requires. Butter, pan, fry, done. Easy.

Anything that uses less pots and pans is a good thing in my book. The ability to crack an egg into the Toast n Egg from Tefal is a great idea. The unit comes not only with an egg-poaching tray, but also a meat-warming tray too for heating up pre-cooked meats. Immediately, those frozen sausage patties come to mind, and visions of homemade Egg McMuffins (whose inventor, Herb Peterson, sadly passed away this week) flash across my early-morning mind. Keeping in mind that it is only a meat-warming tray, I may have to think about substituting sliced ham instead. Or maybe left over bacon. From past experience I know there is enough residual heat in between the two slices of a freshly toasted English muffin to melt a slice of cheese. Add the egg and meat and it's easy to see that this is an appliance whose time has come.

Luckily the Toast n Egg appeals to the more heath conscious among us, also. Really, there is no need to for high-calorie add-ons like meat and cheese. Since the egg is poached in water without the use of oil or butter, it is entirely possible to make a quick and healthy meal to start your day. Add a liberal sprinkling of some Bacon Salt instead, and your arteries will thank you.