Three sweet software deals

A dirt-cheap bundle of Mac goodies for 20 bucks, a $50 video converter for free, and an online multiplayer strategy game for the iPhone and iPod--also free.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Bleh. Enough with the hardware. Yesterday's quad-core desktop sold out quicker than a congressman in an election year. (Hi-yo!)

Today I've got three, three, three deals for the price of one. And because they're all software, and all downloadable, there's no sellout risk. (They do have time limits, though, so get clickin' on the ones you want.)

This year's MacHeist bundle is another great deal for Mac users and a boon for charities. MacHeist

1. MacHeist nanoBundle 2 It's the return of one of my all-time favorite deals! For just $19.95 you get seven great Mac apps, which have a combined value of $260. Even better, 25 percent of the proceeds goes to your choice of 11 terrific charities.

There is one caveat: You initially get just five of the apps; only after MacHeist sells a certain number of additional bundles are the sixth and seventh made available. And because the promotion ends in about a week, there's a chance those two extras might never get unlocked.

Still, savings and philanthropy in one fell swoop -- I love it! (Now how about a Windows version, guys? Seriously, I'll help out!)

UniWar for iPhone and iPod Touch: Normally $5, free today. Javaground, USA

2. UniWar for iPhone/iPod Normally $4.99, this StarCraft-style strategy game lets you compete online with other live opponents. And because it's a turn-based game, you can play more or less at your own pace. UniWar is today's offer from Free App a Day, meaning it's available--you guessed it--today only.

3. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Every few months, Digiarty Software gives away one of its premium titles. From now until March 15, you can score WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe absolutely free. Regular price: 50 smackers.

This utility can convert just about any video format to just about any other video format, and it has built-in profiles for everything from BlackBerry to Zune.

To get it, click the big orange "Get It Now for Free" button, write down the license code at the bottom of the following page, then go back to the previous page and click "Free Download." Install the software and enter the code when you get to the registration screen. (Let's see who's first to come whining to the comments page that "this software isn't free!" because they didn't follow the directions. :)

Good stuff, no? Take that, lousy sold-out hardware!