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Three great PC game deals

Get Bioshock for just 5 bucks, Max Payne 2 for 99 cents, and a $10 mystery/puzzle game absolutely free. Great stuff for your upcoming holiday vacation.

One of the all-time great PC games, BioShock (the download version) is now on sale for just $4.99.
One of the all-time great PC games, BioShock (the download version) is now on sale for just $4.99. 2K Games

Many of you probably have some vacation time coming up. What better way to spend it (besides reading, spending time with family, etc.) than by playing some great games on your PC?

Today I've rounded up three deals I consider too good to pass up:

Action, adventure, role-playing, sci-fi, and horror all rolled into one of my all-time favorite games. It may be a few years old (and there's already been a sequel), but if you've never played BioShock, it's time to find out what all the fuss is about. GamersGate has the download version for $4.99, the lowest price I've ever seen.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
It's hard to believe this game is 7 years old, but that doesn't change the fact that it's one of the all-time great blood-and-guts shooters. Though the graphics look a bit dated, the gameplay definitely holds up. And with an impulse-buy price of just 99 cents, how can you resist? That deal is good only until 11:30 a.m. ET tomorrow.

Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst
What I like to call a play-in-the-bathtub game, this slow-paced, puzzle-driven mystery challenges you to find hidden items scattered throughout stately Ravenhearst Manor. It's kind of like "Clue" meets "Hoarders." Normally it costs $9.99, but until December 31, you can get it free with coupon code RAVENFREE.

Bonus deal: While we're on the subject of freebies, DVDVideoSoft is offering its Free Studio 5.0 software for, well, free. It downloads YouTube videos, converts video and audio files to different formats, burns media to CDs and DVDs, and a lot more.