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Thousands of Twitter likes call for Clippy's comeback in Microsoft 365

Microsoft's favorite office assistant could join 365 as an emoji.

Clippy in Microsoft Teams

Clippy recently appeared in a new background for Microsoft Teams.


Don't call it a comeback! It looks like Microsoft might be adding Clippy to Microsoft 365 emojis coming soon. 

You may remember Clippy from Microsoft Office 97. The virtual office assistant often made an appearance with a yellow notepad on Word documents, but Clippy was discontinued in 2002 in favor of other features. 

Microsoft on Wednesday posted a tweet that took Twitter by storm: "If this gets 20k likes, we'll replace the paperclip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy." The tweet included an image of Clippy.

The tweet had 30,000 likes after the first two hours. Clippy also was recently seen in throwback Teams backgrounds, along with solitaire and animated Microsoft Paint. 

We're not positive whether Microsoft will keep its promise. The company didn't immediately respond to a question on when Clippy might make its emoji debut in Microsoft 365.

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