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This workaround adds MagSafe to the new MacBook Pro

Mourning the loss of Apple's magnetic power plug? Here's how to get the next best thing -- which also works with Google's ChromeBook and Pixel C.

R.I.P., MagSafe. Hello, BreakSafe.
Griffin Technology

It was probably in the cards.

Last year, when Apple introduced its single-port MacBook, the company's beloved MagSafe power connector was nowhere to be found. Instead, power was delivered via USB-C. If you wanted MagSafe, you had to go Pro -- namely, MacBook Pro.

Today, Apple has bid farewell to MagSafe in the Pro lineup as well.

Fortunately, all is not lost. If you can't live without MagSafe, look no further than the Griffin BreakSafe Magnetic USB-C Power Cable. It's a little less elegant than Apple's design, but it accomplishes the same thing: prevents accidental yanks of the power cord from sending your expensive laptop crashing to the ground.

The BreakSafe works on the same exact principle: a power plug that terminates in a magnetic connection. The difference here is that there's a dongle that protrudes from the USB-C port. And it protrudes a fair bit, meaning if you leave it plugged in full-time, there's also the risk of it getting knocked loose (and damaging the port) when your MacBook, say, goes in or out of your travel bag.

Also, bear in mind that this isn't a complete charging system; you need to use the power adapter that comes with your MacBook. All you're getting here is a USB-C cable with a breakaway tip at one end.

But for anyone mourning the loss of MagSafe -- and chances are good that's everyone who owned an earlier MacBook Pro -- the BreakSafe at least gets you close.