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This smart pedal turns any bike into a smart bike

The Connected Cycle smart pedal tracks your movements to help you keep better track of your rides, and could help you keep your bike safe from thieves.

Anthony Domanico
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Anthony Domanico

The Connected Cycle will come in multiple different colors, and should attach to almost any type of bike. Connected Cycle

LAS VEGAS -- Bike thefts are pretty common in major metropolitan areas, and even those who religiously use a bike lock aren't safe from savvy thieves.

The Connected Cycle is a smart bike pedal equipped with GPS and GPRS sensors that are powered by cycling. As soon as your pedals move, the sensors track your activity so it acts as a basic fitness tracker, recording the speed, route, incline, and calories burned of every ride. That data is stored in a connected app that lets you view this activity over time. All the data is stored on the pedals themselves, you won't need to bring your smartphone with you to track this activity.

And since the pedals are always tracking location, they could even help you recover a stolen bike. Cellular service is included with purchase of the Connected Cycle, though as this product is in development, there is no pricing or availability information at this time. Once it's available for purchase, the company claims the Connected Cycle will be compatible with almost any kind of bike, and can only be removed with a special key held by the owner.

As someone who has had a bike stolen in the past, I'm looking forward to testing out the smart pedal to see how it works. We'll be earnestly tracking development of the Connected Cycle, so stay tuned to CNET for more information on the Connected Cycle as it becomes available.

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