This mobile robot wants to help you with everyday tasks

The MoRo robot can grasp and handle objects around your home to help simplify your life.

Josh Miller/CNET

Ewaybot, a Chinese robotics company, is showing off its new flagship robot at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. MoRo is a robotic assistant that is designed to simplify your life.

The robot is mobile and will work both indoors and outside. It can grasp and handle objects, listen to voice commands, and supports face detection through the built-in Intel RealSense camera. The MoRo is nearly 4-feet tall, weighs close to 80 pounds and has up to eight hours of battery life.

While it supports home use, the price tag is prohibitive. The MoRo costs $30,000, which is why the company is currently positioning it to academic research and education.

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