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This little robot is your new language-learning buddy

Casio's smart little bot is perfect for practicing language without a partner.


Learning a new language can be rough. Casio knows this, and has made a mini-language partner for you in form of the Lesson Pod.

The Lesson Pod is a charming desktop buddy that acts as both a conversation partner and instructor, providing accurate spoken sentences that you can practice at home or on the go. The little guy stands at only 11 centimeters tall and is slightly thicker than a can of soda.

With a touch of its head, the Lesson Pod springs to life, offering conversation, phrase repetition, language quizzes and grammar and pronunciation corrections. The pod is also waterproof, has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be synchronised with a smartphone app to monitor progress.

Right now, it's designed for Japanese speakers trying to learn English, although more languages are expected to be added soon.

In Japan, Casio has been at the forefront of providing reliable Japanese to English digital dictionaries, with the Casio ExWord being the most widely used. Meanwhile, Duolingo has made phone-based language learning a thing -- but the app can't correct your pronunciation on the fly.

The Lesson Pod goes on sale February 24 for ¥29,333 ($260, AU$345, £210) via

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