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This kid has the most incredible Batmobile stroller ever

The folks behind the web series "Super-Fan Builds" is back with another amazing creation. This time, the world's luckiest kid gets an awesome Batmobile stroller.

They've made a custom Groot swing and a that lets kitties simply poop into Mordor, and now the Hollywood prop designers behind the web series "Super-Fan Builds" are back with their finest creation yet-- a stroller taken straight from the streets of Gotham.

In this episode, Tim Baker and company made an incredible Batmobile stroller for someone who can only be described as the luckiest kid on the planet. Josh Earl is the ultimate Batman super-fan, and once the team saw the extent of his fandom and the effect it's had on his son, Collin, who has been signing the Batman theme song practically since he could talk, they knew they had to build a Batmobile for Collin.

The team modeled the build after the Tumbler version of the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan's "Dark Night" trilogy, and seriously it looks amazing. They really captured the complicated design of the Tumbler Batmobile, and made it functional and safe for a toddler to ride in.

The only problem is that the stroller isn't foldable, which almost any parent will tell you is a major headache when lugging around a stroller. Still, for this Batmobile stroller, I think parents would be willing to sacrifice a little cargo space to make their little kiddo feel like the Caped Crusader.

You can watch the incredible detail that went into the build in the 10 minute video at the top of this post, and just watch your heart melt at the pure joy on Collin's face when he first sets eyes on his shiny new Batmobile.

Seriously, how awesome would it be to push, or ride, in this Batmobile Tumbler stroller? Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET