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This giant roach trap is so sticky it can catch a sumo wrestler

Humans are usually too big to check in to a roach motel, unless it's a giant person-sized trap full of goo.

A scientist, a runner and a sumo wrestler walk into a roach motel. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's actually the subject of a video showing what happens if you super-size a sticky cockroach trap and turn test subjects loose on its grippy surface. Earth Chemical, a Japanese pest control company, built the massive trap.

Walking or crawling your way through the funky substance that normally holds roach feet in place looks like an incredibly unpleasant experience for a human. You'd think the powerful sumo wrestler could make it through the trap, but it's actually the sprinter who has the best luck. The video doesn't show us how Earth Chemical later managed to release its trapped guinea pigs.

The video is a marketing tie-in for a movie called "Terra Formars," a manga adaptation about a group that attempts to colonize Mars. Apparently it has something to do with giant humanoid cockroaches. A la "Jaws," we're going to need a bigger roach trap.

(Via RocketNews24)