This umbrella drone can throw shade without having to hold a stick

It'll keep both hands free so you can applaud at how great your new umbrella drone is.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen

We all know that there's one glaring problem with parasols. In order for them to give you shade, sometimes you actually have to hold them -- with your hands, no less!

That's not the case with the part-umbrella-part-drone Free Parasol developed by Asahi Power Service. In the company's video, the prototype seems to be an off-the-shelf DJI Mavic Pro drone with an umbrella attached. But according to the Free Parasol website, it looks like the company is working on an umbrella with propellers and other drone features built in.

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The render includes a handle, despite this whole "hands-free" concept.

Asahi Power Service

Asahi Power Service says that it's planning to bring the Free Parasol to market in 2019, reports Sora News 24. It'll reportedly cost 30,000 yen (converts to about $275/£207/AU$365) and have an hour of flight time when it goes on sale.

It's also said to use AI to track your head so it can follow you around providing shade. Although, in the video we see the guy using a controller to demonstrate.

Due to all the regulations with drones in public places, Asahi Power Service will reportedly start selling the drones to private areas like golf courses. Sorry caddies, even your job isn't safe from robots.

The company is also said to be making the Free Parasol waterproof so it can act like a hands-free umbrella. Just be careful when using it in high winds.