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This $20 thumb drive sale will add 128GB of storage to USB-C and standard USB computers

It doesn't matter what computer you have, this thumb drive will work on it.

USBC Thumb Drive

As much as everyone loves USB-C, the sad truth is it'll be a while before everything runs on a single standard again. If you travel between UBS-C and USB-A, you can make life easier by using thumb drives with one port on each end. These multiport drives allow you to move data from one place to another without worrying if you have the right port. They're usually a little more expensive than your standard thumb drive, but today SanDisk has a 128GB model available for way less than its standard price. 

SanDisk's Ultra Dual Drive Go is a small thumb drive with 128GB of storage capable of moving data at 150 megabits per second thanks to the USB 3.1 architecture within. The keychain hole makes it easy to clip onto your keys and keep it with you at all times, while the five-year manufacturer's warranty ensures it'll last a while. Hard to argue with such a great drive for only $20.